How 3D Printing Will Change Everything

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We recently published a whitepaper through Printing Industries of America: The Magazine about how 3D printing will soon move from a novelty to a necessity for businesses and consumers.

Centered on the idea of true disruption, this article looks to the future – a future that sees 3D printing technology at the heart of our everyday lives, and at the core of countless business practices.

“The future of unlimited supply is at hand. 3D printing is the ultimate in customization, efficiency and on demand on location manufacturing. Much of this story will be possible within the next few years.”

3D applications are a natural extension of existing wide format printing. The companies that are first to adopt 3D tech will likely be the ones to grab a foothold on market share, positioning them to be the ones bearing the flag long before the masses get up to speed.

How 3D Printing Will Change Everything is valuable download for anyone looking to evolve into something far beyond a standard graphics and print outlet.