icon23A Top Consumer Goods Provider Creates Embossed Executive Collateral

Company: Geiger Brothers
Industry: Consumer Goods

Geiger is one of the largest family-owned and most respected companies in the promotional products industry and the largest privately held promotional products distributor in the world.

This materials broker provides all kinds of smaller apparel and gift items: from business collateral to knickknacks, shirts and pens. On the Techcreative side, their experience is specific to physical technology, and what expertise is required to take images, colors, etc., and place them on a variety of different surfaces.

Summary of the Problem:
A client specializing in Enterprise Performance Management and Analytics came to Geiger looking for a way to brand itself to tech savvy, upper management personnel of prospective client firms, for example, when the company would interact with them at seminars, trade shows and other events.

The vehicle used needed to represent what the company stands for – cutting edge technology and service, and also have the ability to deliver high performance results to a sophisticated client base.

Further, the solution had to incorporate a complex multi-color logo and be turned around in less than a week.

Techcreative Solution:
The client‘s brand was ultimately attached to a cutting edge portable charger for smartphones and tablets – one that was small enough to fit in a pocket or briefcase. It was believed that the items were unique and valuable enough that they’d be enthusiastically received and used by a target audience that could easily afford the latest tech gadgets. The products were printed and shipped within 24 hours of proof approval.

The important note here is that while the project came together in a seamless manner, successfully completing this task required up-to-date product knowledge in an industry that’s best characterized as one of constant change. The Geiger team needed to understand the trade show circuit, what collateral executives are interested in today, plus possess an in-depth knowledge of imprint processes which could accommodate the client’s five color logo.

Finally, the Geiger team’s quick solution highlighted their expertise in incorporating production partnerships with the ability to imprint - and deliver the products well ahead of standard production cycles in order to meet a hard deadline.

Geiger’s executive items were a huge hit. They made the desired impact and acted as a great ‘door opener’ for Geiger clients‘ sales personnel as they later followed up with the recipients to set up appointments. The chargers were subsequently reordered not long after the first shipment was delivered.

Other departments that utilize Techcreative:
At Geiger, most of their departments utilize some kind of Techcreative personnel, including their IT, Marketing, Human Resources, and Safety teams.